Health Advocacy Services

Complete Assessment

In recognition of the invaluable importance of a holistic view of your health, my complete assessment service goes above and beyond, delving into the depths of your past and present medical records. This meticulous review encompasses a detailed history-taking, not merely limited to your medical ailments but also considering relevant lifestyle factors that may influence your well-being. Moreover, I dedicate significant effort to scrutinize your current medications, including herbs and supplements, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of your health status.

This comprehensive approach equips me to provide tailored and highly relevant advice to address your unique healthcare needs and empower you to make informed decisions about your future care. By understanding your complete medical history and considering all aspects of your health, I can better identify potential gaps in your care and recommend strategies to optimize your well-being. My ultimate goal is to help you achieve the highest possible quality of life by offering personalized guidance and support throughout our engagement.


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