Empathy, Advocacy, and Quality Care

Nurturing Informed Decision-Making for Better Outcomes

As a dedicated healthcare professional with a career spanning 40 years, I have had the privilege of serving as both a nurse and a nurse practitioner. Throughout my extensive experience, one recurring observation has deeply resonated with me: patients often struggle to fully comprehend the complex information shared by their doctors, particularly when multiple diagnoses intertwine and affect each other. Recognizing this critical need for clarity and support, I embarked on a journey to become a healthcare advocate, committed to empowering patients and their families in their pursuit of quality healthcare.
As a healthcare advocate, my primary role is to bridge the gap between medical complexities and patient understanding. I strive to be a trusted resource for patients and their families, ensuring they grasp the intricacies of their medical conditions and treatment options. Whether it involves explaining medical terminology in more accessible language or elucidating the connections between different diagnoses, I am dedicated to fostering informed decision-making and active patient participation in their healthcare.
In 2022, I took the initiative to further enrich my knowledge and expertise by pursuing a post-graduate course at Cleveland State University. This specialized training paved the way for me to attain board certification as a healthcare advocate (BCPA), demonstrating my commitment to maintaining the highest standards in patient advocacy. Additionally, I am an active member of both the Alliance of Professional Healthcare Advocates and the Greater National Advocates, continually staying abreast of the ever-changing healthcare landscape to better serve and navigate the diverse challenges faced by patients.
Empathy, compassion, and effective communication are the cornerstones of my approach as a healthcare advocate. I understand the emotional and overwhelming nature of healthcare decisions, and I take pride in being a compassionate guide throughout the entire process. My dedication to patient well-being is unwavering, and I advocate tirelessly to ensure that every individual I assist receives the quality healthcare they desire and deserve.
By empowering patients and their families with knowledge and support, I endeavor to make a positive impact on their healthcare journey. My commitment to excellence and ongoing professional development reinforces my passion for advocating for patients and contributing to their improved healthcare experiences. As a healthcare advocate, I stand ready to make a meaningful difference, one patient at a time.


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